It's a Lucky Dog life (the inaugural blog)

This blog thing is growing on me. I've been semi-studying the "art form" for a while and personally defining how and if I, as a Lucky Dog, might add something worthwhile and genuine to the blogosphere. Yet, W&G is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? So hey, let's go ahead and jump right in. No big philosophical mandate or explanation needed. But no peeing in the pool, either.

During my short study of all things blog, I've already found a multitude of sites that do their creator(s) proud. These sites are worthwhile to peruse. Content is useful if even in a small way. Useful to me. That's what counts. You will decide for yourself. I am no arbiter of anything. I'm pretty certain, however, that whoever a "me" is, there are a multitude of really audacious blogs just waiting to be discovered that will float "Me's" boat.

I'm thinking bloggers are genuine for the most part. They aim (humbly or not) to offer up information they believe can add to the reader's quality of life. No matter if the ultimate aim of these creative sorts is profit and fame, indulging the vanity of reading one's own press release (guilty), or more parochial or innocent in nature, the result is the same. Bloggers, I believe, want to share the bounty of their experiences and lives. Through their blogs, they offer us another channel of opportunity for learning and growth. Isn't that what it (read life) is all about? Better every day.

A noble if minor pursuit, this blogging. And free for the taking. Al Gore created a beautiful thing when he invented the Internet. It's all here in the blogosphere! is our mantra. Allows for the democratization of information and opinion. Invites the dissemination of human creativity. A tip on a damn good book you never heard of. Someone's favorite something or other that might become your favorite, too. A sketch, story or remembrance that oils our humanity. Another pasta recipe. The sensibility of art, fashion, architecture, music, religion. Bold, liberating (or not) opinion and philosophy. Goofball stuff for the sheer fun of it. Some new fashion you can tweak and call your own. And more, so much more. At worst, an aggregate of someone else's creativity and toil. Enabler of vicarious living.

The upshot is this, and you know it well or you would have quit reading paragraphs ago. We are searching for validation of our quiddity--the essence--of our lives. And if we can't find any, we're hell-bent on creating some before it's too late. For a blogger, his blog is validation by web counter. For the reader, the search is on. There are endeavors, avocations and ideas to discover and ponder. We thirst for them. We ache for little mini-adventures to take--maybe served up daily by a favorite blog. No reservation required. There are actions and reactions and all manner of combustion that put us on the side of the ledger entitled "Creating a Meaningful Life" vs. "Life on Auto Pilot."

As your humble Lucky Dog, I'll aim to create little mini-adventures for my readers, all the while creating an adventure for myself. Electricity. In my Lucky Dog life I'm still searching for quiddity--the essence. Just a pinch between cheek and gum. Feeling when the hat pin sticks deep into the thigh. An oil job.

So, now you know. You understand the motivation. As much as me, anyway. Let's go forward together. In search of more essence. Bam! as Emeril says. Salt and pepper well. Paprika. Garlic. Cilantro. But start with quality meat.

Worthwhile. Genuine. Human. Creative. Combustion. Adventure. Bounty. Noble. Essence. Too much to ask of a mere blog? Nah.

Godawmighty knows, we're all Lucky Dogs. In this thing together. Inseparable. Like a hunting pack of beautiful, tri-colored barking beagles that won't take NO for an answer. Anxious to hunt. Ready to run. Till we fall in exhaustion. Together. Never in defeat, but sometimes exhaustion. And when the day's hunt is over, bound and determined and hard wired through the ages to touch one another, bump up against one another as we rest for the next adventure. Body to body. Fur to fur. Breath to breath. Flea to flea.

We're all such Lucky Dogs. So lick the bowl. Lick it good. Just don't pee in the pool.


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