Cinco de Michelada

What's a Michelada, you ask? Click the post title for an interesting article from WSJ.

Here's what we'll be eating Tuesday night in honor of Cinco de Mayo. My version of Huevos Rancheros:

Using those neat little round corn chips, place on a baking sheet, overlapping, making a circle large enough to host 2 fried eggs. Cover with light dusting of shredded cheddar or Jack cheese--or combine. Put these made circles in a warm oven to melt cheese and keep warm while you prepare eggs.

Fry 2 eggs per serving the regular way.
Place the chip and cheese circles on a plate (careful...) and top with a homemade or store-bought salsa. I use store-bought and add fresh cilantro.
Plop the eggs on top of the salsa and squeeze a little fresh lime juice over the eggs.
Surround the plate with a helping of prepared and warmed black beans, and sprinkle cooked and chopped chorizo around the plate also. Or, "French fry" some thinly cut potato circles and when done, add the chorizo and black beans to make a side dish.

If you prefer a classic Margarita rather than a Michelada, you know how to do it; but check the Epicurious link below for an intersting history of tequila...

Now, in July I hope to post how some Mexican friends south of the border celebrate our 4th. of July. Bourbon or scotch, do you suppose, before a dinner of meat loaf, green beans and mashed potatoes? Or better perhaps, would be hot dogs, french fries and a cold Bud. Now yer talkin'.

Viva Mexico y Estados Unidos de America.


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