It's a Pirate Life for Me

As my earlier Zevon post and comments about my Father's Bilko-esque military persona might suggest, insouciance-as-lifestyle appeals to me. I guess that's why pirate themes have always appealed to me. Yes, pre-Depp.

There is something about the pirate image that appeals to almost everyone, it seems. Not the thievery. Not the killing. It's more the independence and devil-may-care attitude; the individuality of, say a Keith Richards (whom Depp structured his Jack Sparrow around), of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville life, Frank Sinatra doing it his way, Harley riders, Hemingway in Spain, and Florida Keys residents all, Agnelli, Christopher Walken. And more, hopefully including me, mostly happily marching, dancing, whirling and boogalooing to their own drummer.

One day, I will purchase these slippers and no doubt wear them somewhere out. I'm thinking with a black blazer, silky-soft light grey Super 120's wool trousers, a soft, unstarched white dobby shirt (if I'm really in the mood along with a deep burgundy silk short scarf tied loosely at the neck and tucked in) and a kickin' pair of Pantherella socks I own that are primarily white, with a black and grey design. Alas, this may be enough for M. Lane over at The Epic and ADG at Maxminimus to ever consider linking ALDL to their exceptional blogs. See sidebar for links.

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