I'm a sucker for a good baseball movie. Or, to paraphrase a brilliant insight about "baseball movies" I recently read on a thread about the movie Sugar, I'm a sucker for a movie that uses baseball to tell a more universal story. The observer went on to say that's the difference between a good and bad baseball movie. And a good movie, period, I'd add.

But I think I understand the thread writer's point. There are good and bad "action" movies, great and awful period pieces, fulfilling and simply scary horror movies. The genre is...well, the genre.

I have not yet decided if one of my favorite baseball movies (Bull Durham) fits that universal description, although it is no doubt a very good movie. A very good baseball movie, to say the least. The threader says it does tell a more universal story.

Another favorite (Field of Dreams) came to mind immediately as more universally themed. The threader went on to say that The Natural does not pass that test. I'll have to think about that one, too.

From what I can tell without having seen Sugar, about a young Dominican pitcher who comes to the States (Iowa, to be exact) to play in the minors of a fictional Major League team, this one may very well go down as both a very good baseball movie on both levels. I'm leaning on a review by Roger Ebert and the film's trailer for this. I look forward to seeing the movie as soon as it hits town.

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