Cottage Bacon, Thanks To Food & Fire Blog

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words and when it comes to this mouth-watering delight, it's true. It may look like good old country ham but I think it's going to be better. Sweet and salty. Chewy. Delicious.

You can find the recipe at an interesting food blog I found recently called Food & Fire (where you'll find even more pictures of this bacon!). I'm drooling...

I'll be making a passel of this as soon as the Morton's Sugar Cure arrives in the mail--the Morton's web site tells me nobody stocks it around the Dogpound. Hopefully, you'll not have to wait and can start curin' right away!

It looks fun and simple and involves a pork butt, maple syrup, Morton's Sugar Cure, seven days of agony waiting for the butt to cure and several hours of good ol' smoking in the Webber. Then we fry it (or bake in the oven) and eat!

And put Food & Fire on the favorite blog list, while you're at it.

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