All I Want For Christmas...

I've always tried to find Christmas gifts for family and friends that they would enjoy yet probably would not buy for themselves. For instance, I have a pal who loves to cook and I try to find "out there" cookbooks for him that might enhance that enjoyment in some new way. A style of cooking or some regional or country specialty, for example. My most successful effort was the artisan bread baking book that ignited his passion for baking. This year it's Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way by Francis Mallmann.

I'm thinking of asking for a little something I would never buy myself (at least not in this economic climate) that I found via Smoke In Da Eye BBQ blog. A custom-made grill grate by Huntingdon Customs. The question is, what will be the design?

SIDE's custom grate makes me think that Warren Zevon's Old Velvet Nose would be a fun choice of design and would cover several themes all at once: my admiration for Zevon; I could add the name of my fantasy baseball team (Zevonistas) and cover my joy of baseball; and the skull and Zevon reference would pretty much cover my penchant for the pirate in all of us.

What might be even more fun than the grill grate would be a small branding iron with said theme so that I could brand those thick rib eyes I love with my mark. I think I'll contact Huntingdon Customs to see what they can do with Old Velvet Nose.

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