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  1. Whaddup, cuz! Best thing about good writing is it allows others to take a peek at your innermost soul. Love checking yours out!

    Reading about your experience on the day Martin Luther King was killed is amazing. I never heard about the interstate shutdown - talk about white paranoia! Did they think there was a nation-wide, Black Panthers militia that would declare war on the whole country? Seems bizarre now, but whites had been so cruel to African Americans for so long, it's understandable that folks would be terrified of some major payback. FYI,there's a terrific PBS special about how James Brown was scheduled for a concert in Boston that was canceled at first, then after much palavering, allowed to go on. His live concert was broadcast for free and is widely credited for saving Boston from the rioting that erupted in so many cities across the nation. James Brown, the Repunblican entertainer who was sneered at by some dumb-ass white "intellectuals" because of his political party affiliation, really saved this city, and I wish more people were aware of it.
    I was completely unaware of any Klan marches in Durham when I was growing up; seems so odd now that I weouldn't have heard about it. Think it just shows how fraqmented the understanding of major social change in our community was for many whites. I came down for a high school reunion many years ago and talked with a DHS classmate of ours, Susan Rogers(a minister now), and she mentioned something about a Klan action in Durham. She lived around the corner from us and went to the same Baptist church that I attended, if only a handful of times in my life. She told me that the church's preacher gave a scorching sermon one Sunday following some sort of Klan action (maybe the one you witnessed?) because some of the church members had been part of the Klan activity. Evidently he took a lot of heat for taking a stand on the pulpit. It was nice to hear that he confronted the issue. I've been poisoned against organized religion for many years because of the racist crap I heard from so many churchy types in Durham, and because I never saw any of the social activism that I so admire in some of the churches in Boston.
    Hey - your bucket list article that mentioned the BMW that Meg threw up when she was 5 months old was great. Especially liked reading about the Ferrari sighting on the insterstate - I've never seen a Ferrari in motion! And I would dearly love to drive one, even if only 10 minutes. I have fond memories of my sister Julie's 8-cylinder Barracuda. She was so kind to let me drive it when I was only 16. I was a terrific driver, and never drank alcohol on or off the road in those days, but I did have a leadfoot on the highway, and wasn't above burning a little rubber when someone tried to beat me at the takeoff in an intersection. God, I loved that car.
    Glad you posted the Got the Blues article from Chez's blog, it's wonderful. I've seen variation of this elsewhere, but I love his version.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog, and seeing you live and in person in May!! When did you become financial advisor????
    Paddy Wagon

  2. Glad you like the blog, Paddy.I Look forward to your visit!