The Big Vote

They interview. You decide. After watching the interview compare your thoughts to those of Peggy Noonan of the WSJ.

ObamaCare up for a vote this Sunday, it's said. This is a very historic and important weekend for Americans. I am a lucky dog to have good health care through my employment, albeit a plan that takes a chunk of my wages. It could be worse. Much worse if I had to pay it all. And I suspect I might like this bill more if I were unemployed...except that the care part doesn't start right away. Just the taxes part.

While I believe our health care system needs some fixin', I'm not convinced the health bill in question does it in the most genuine way. I will admit that I fear an Entitlement Nation wherein there are more takers than givers (read tax payers). And I don't just mean welfare recipients.

{The Entitlement Nation link above takes you to a site called Five Boxes (the soap box, the mail box, the ballot box, the jury box and the ammo box). I'm more than a little suspect of sites that don't advise who is behind the endeavor--and this one doesn't-- and although I don't agree with all comments in the six part opinion, it strikes me as worth a read.}

"The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money." --Alexis de Tocqueville


  1. Bret Baier showing what happens when you ask someone like President Obama actually tough questions and not his march madness picks, Obama is clearly rattled and frustrated in the interview.

    The current Congress and Administration thinks federal government is the solution to all problems. The real solution to the health care problem is to remove government, insurance, and pharmaceutical company collusion with each other, promoting legislation, programs and agreements that only benefit those three parties.

    Healthcare should be in the hands of states, counties and cities, not to mention several other things the federal government is trying to take from the states under threat of federal funding removal.

  2. David, thanks for the comment...
    This is a real mess and getting worse.