A New Food Treat

As much as I love Krispy Kreem donuts I can't believe I'm just hearing about the KK burger, AKA the Luther Burger. It's true; named after its originator, Luther Vandross. This fine food is credited with saving a minor league baseball team by boosting attendance.

If this doesn't float your boat just heat a KK in the micro about 10-15 seconds and put a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in the hole. Sex on a plate.


  1. I saw the video of the news segment about these things. They probably taste great... even though you'll feel like death after trying to digest one of them.

  2. David,
    Thanks for the comment.

    I'm thinking of making some this weekend for me and my 18 year old...unless his fitness guru Mom puts her foot down. But since that post I have indulged in the hot KK with ice cream....as I said, it's like sex on a plate.

    Keep up the great work on your blog!
    Best Regards,