Think Green

The river in Chicago will turn green today and in Spring Training camps throughout Arizona and Florida many teams will don their green baseball hats. We'll all look for that one green thing to wear today and many will leave work early to start the pub crawl.

The Empire State Building and the famed Opera House in Sidney will be awash in green light. A half million people in Dublin will line the parade route, in a country with only six million inhabitants. There will be parades! With bagpipes! And men in skirts!

May the Luck of the Irish be ours today.


  1. We'll hoist some pints tonite at our local Irish joint" Roache & O'Brien...pass on the nasty green beer though...have some Bushmill's perhaps.

  2. We'll hoist a few pints tonite at our local Irish joint: Roache & O'Brien. Perhaps a tot of Bushmills as well.