Tartan Tuesday, Meet Tush Thursday

A very interesting blog by Admiral Cod often presents a nice little photo of a lovely young woman dressed or undressed in some form of Tartan Plaid. Not (as ADG @ Maxminimus would say) nekkid, but worthy of admiration. The Admiral calls his (not every) Tuesday post "Tartan Tuesday."

He gets tons of positive comments on Tuesday. And ADG seems to like Tuesdays. A lot. Which got me to thinkin' (trouble)...

A marketing coup from my college days involved bar tending for a new, upstart bar that wanted to attract the college crowd away from the incumbent, the Rainbow Club. As some considered this Lucky Pup a BMOVSC (big man on very small campus), a real rounder named Mack hired me to make that happen. Along with a bumper sticker under dorm door campaign (Mack's Tavern: Somewhere Over The Rainbow) I suggested to Mack that we get their weekly beer stipend before the Rainbow could. Well, The Rainbow had a Wednesday happy hour from 6-12pm. Ok, we'll have Mack's happy hour 12-12 on Tuesday. It worked, and soon Mack and I created a very good following every night.

So, (here's the thinkin' part) as a fledgling blogger searching for readers and followers, maybe I can not usurp The Admiral but rather (and in the blogosphere fraternity spirit--even though I've not been invited to pledge) act in compliment with Cod and humbly provide another shot of eye candy. So, in the Mack's Tavern tradition (here comes the trouble part) Mammary Monday was born! By the brain in my little head. Then, I considered the consequences (W.I.F.E. and others) of thinkin' with the little head instead of the big head and settled on the tamer yet still tantalizing Tush Thursday. The Admiral can be first. I'm sure there will be eye candy stipend left on Thursdays.

Comments from readers will tell the tail--I mean tale and lead me onward or toward scrapping the whole scheme. Somebody tell ADG.


  1. You could accomplish the same goal...and be more consistent with your consonants and syntax by calling it: " Thong Thursday"
    I'll surely stop back each Thursday regardless.

  2. MLS,
    I take your suggestion with appreciation yet there is one problem. Sometimes the ladies won't have on a thong or anything else, for that matter. But it will always be tush.

    I continue to enjoy your blog!
    Best Regards,