Tush Thursday

A Brief Thursday Morning Conversation

The sun was beginning to stream through the open window. There was a soft, San Francisco breeze. Carla, the brunette, was dressed in her favorite tight black skirt and top set with a white silk camisole underneath. Her "big meeting outfit", she called it. She loved the way silk felt on her breasts. That sensation kept her sharp and focused while the effect of her erect nipples kept the mogul on the other side of the boardroom table off balance.

Carla applied her lipstick and went over to the bed where Maude, the blonde, lay awaking from a satisfied sleep. Carla bent down and kissed the blonde's bottom. "Beautiful," she mused to herself.

"Maudie, I'm leaving. Don't forget your Brazilian appointment today."

There was silence until the blonde moved slightly and replied in a soft, sleepy-child voice.

"OK... Can I get a pedicure, too?"

"Sure, why not," Carla absentmindedly replied as she rushed out of the bedroom. "Just as long as you get the Brazilian done," she said to herself, smiling.


  1. This is a great vignette, and I really like what you are doing over here at ALDL. Sorry I didn't comment before.


  2. M. Lane,
    Thanks very much for the kind comment. I'm pleased you are visiting and enjoying.

    If your travels ever bring you to My Town (Durham, NC) dinner's on me--Magnolia Grill or Nana's I think you would enjoy. And I'd certainly enjoy meeting you.
    Best Regards,