It's Thursday Again

A One-Sided Conversation In LA

"Hello? Oh, hi Jerry. Sure, I can talk. I'm just walking back to the car... No, I can't tonight. Why? Well, as if it's any of your business I've got a date... Not that kind of a date, Jerry. You know I only work for you."

..."If you must know, I met him at the Porsche dealership...Yes, he's young. About my age I guess... No, nothing's wrong with the Porsche. I just take it in once in a while and they check the air pressure in the tires for me. They don't seem to mind and it's funny watching all the guys scrambling to get to me first with their tire gauge thingies... OK Jerry, I know I'm a tease--what's new about that?"

"No Jerry, I won't break my date... I don't care how important he is... No... Jerry, I said no... Jerry, I--... I'm hanging up now, Jerry..."

"Wait a minute! It's who?! You're kidding! You. Are. Kidding. Me! What time?... Where?... How long?... Anything special?... Him!? You're kidding... You just broke the spell, Jerry. But OK, I'll take the date. But it better be him, Jerry or when I see you I will break your legs!"

"OK, Jerry. Luv ya, too. Bye."

" I gotta get my nails done!"

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  1. Conclusive proof of what a character said in "Swingers" [I think]that the girls in LA are from a different gene pool than anywhere else. Wow.