Giants In Six & Rooting For Josh

I love me some baseball! And so tonight at 7:30 (just 30 minutes from now!) I will be tuned in to the Fall Classic, America's greatest sports spectacle, the World Season. I'll have my score card, my Buds and a big honkin' bag of Jimbo's Peanuts.

Super Bowl? Nah; been to one and it was boring (well, every time I went for a beer or to give one back somebody scored and I didn't see any of it). NBA? Please... Tennis? Hasn't been worth a damn since Jimmy and Mac. Horse racing? It's three minutes for goodness sakes. Soccer? I mean football. And you think baseball is boring!

My call is Giants in six. Willie Mays, Will Clark, former SF manager Roger Craig (born and raised in My Town), Alvin Dark, Bremley, that skinny kid pitcher with the long hair, The Panda and so many more that makes SF easy to pull for.
But I absolutely will be hoping that Josh Hamilton, from Raleigh, NC and picked by Tampa Bay when her entered the draft (and thus would come up possibly through the Durham Bulls...but then there was that drug problem and meltdown) has a fantastic series and wins the hearts of viewers. His story is a compelling morality tale.

It's 7:35. Gotta go!

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