Dear Santa...

Oh, sir...I know you are not responsible for my decision to turn in the BMW at lease end and buy two new Hondas. An Accord for The Wife and a CR-V for me. Yes, it's true that I am getting used to the change. I do like sitting up high and the CR-V is easier for an old geezer to enter and exit (I'm old physically, of course...in my heart and mind I'm still rockin').

The Dog's CR-V
An Urban Titanium 4WD unit
Nick, I have had to make some adjustments, of course; the most dramatic being the recalibration of when and when not to pull out on to Garrett Road from our residential street. Pulling out on Garrett Road during morning rush hour is a challenge and possibly deadly adventure even utilizing a twin turbo for velocity. Traffic at 60 mph in a 45 zone is a bitch. Especially when powered by a Honda lawnmower engine. That first time was dramatic!
Anyway Santa, it's not your problem but once everyone else is taken care of, if you've a mind, you certainly can surprise my ass off by plunking down one of the fine automotive specimens below in the driveway on Christmas. I swear I'll give the Accord to charity if you do. To be clear, sir: the Accord. The Wife really wants the CR-V.

In a perfect world the Porsche would be a first choice. And I'm diggin' the two door Bimmer at the bottom. Or thatM3... And really, now that I think of it, I doubt I could get my butt in the Lotus.  But hey, beggars can't be choosers. And I like surprises, so I'm leaving the choice in your good hands.

Have a good trip, St. Dude. And one more thing: if this drivel doesn't compel you to act extravagantly on my behalf, a good set of all weather mats for the CR-V would be nice. In black, please.

I'd never have to start the thing to feel really, really good.

Like a beautiful Italian woman,
the back side of the Maserati looks awesome.

Very likely the Lotus is butt-challenged
and low on head room...
But oh, that stilletto shape!

A great super car, but that snout...

A Mercedes for when I'm takin'
my posse out to
The Italian Olive Garden...

...and this Kraut Kruiser
for taking The Wife
to Magnolia Grill


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  1. As long as we're wishing...make mine a 1969 Boss Mustang in Orange.