My youngest son is searching for his place in life, commiserating on a life's work that allows for more than a little adventure, physical stimulus and enough embedded machismo to bleed off his excess testosterone, which I believe can be a significant hazard in a young man's life. 

Swirling around in his head are such endeavors as UFC fighter, repo man (nights) and process server (days) and Humboldt County farmer. Or head shop owner. Personally, I think he should go to acting school and become his generation's Steve McQueen.

In many ways I admire his "my way or the highway" mentality, while praying that he comes to terms with the possible outcomes of what I call his uberspunk.  If I was his 20-something Best Bud I would share this video with him. But I'm not, so he will never see it.

God, I love that boy...

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