WTF! Oh,Sarah We Hardly Knew Ye

While I embrace many of the political beliefs of the Tea Party, absolutely respect the "common" man's right to be heard--as I am a common Lucky Dog-- and don't exactly think he (and she) is being well represented by either party (and it's doubtful the TP will do any better), Sarah Palin is starting to get on my nerves.

I respect her views and believe she believes her commentary and place on the American political stage is in the best interest of the country. And yet...

She's good to look at; maybe a boy's most coveted MILF. But the ankles are too thick. She is smart, but lots of fools are smart. There's nothing quite as titillating or alluring as an attractive and outspoken woman, yet I wouldn't necessarily want that person to run the country. Jane Fonda is titillating and outspoken. So is Susan Sarandon.

That being said, the outrage on the left regarding her WTF moment is over the top in my mind. Actually, I see this episode as quite a subtle play on Mr. Obama's "Win The Future" speech. I mean, WTF, he's lauding the Russians and the Chinese in the State of the Union Speech... I don't want a community activist running the country any more than I want Sarah, Jane or Susan running the country. I don't want me running the country, either.

Aw, hell. I admit it. This whole thing is just an excuse to post a couple of **titilating** pictures. And the final word on Ms. Palin: we'll know she's stupid crazy if she runs for President. If not, she's just another dame goin' with the flow, like most of us would. It's all McCain's fault.

Fair & Balanced. You Decide. Have fun doing that.


Microsoft: Where are they now?

In 1978 the original Microsoft crew posed for a now-famous photo. It's a rag tag group physically, but oh! that grey matter. The site Business Insider plays the "where are they now" game, updating what's up with the (mostly) super wealthy group. Not a plastic shirt pocket insert anywhere...


Thursday Morning Stretch

He said: "Do we really have to get out of bed? It's early yet."
She said: "Well, you have to."


Reynolds Price, Author & Gentleman Of The South

Reynolds Price has passed away. A great Southern writer--no, a great author who often wrote about the South--leaves behind a wonderful catalogue of novels, poetry and stories. Worth reading. Worth remembering. More about Price's work can be found here. Finally, NPR's Fresh Air offers a remembrance.

In high school I wanted so to write as well as he. Alas, not yet.

(portrait credit)


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A pox on all their houses!