The Martini (via The Economist More Intellegent Life)

I must admit to never having acquired a taste for this classic drink. May I blame it on never being served a proper one (which, of course, is still my problem, drinking in slovenly places that can't create a superior Martini) or should I simply admit...well, I just rent this stuff, giving it back soon enough and I don't particularly like paying up for getting sloshed?

Now, a Campari with a good vodka and a little tonic (I know, it's usually soda water) plus a lime squeeze served before dinner--I'll spring for that. More than once. Thrice, maybe. Before the red meat arrives.

This short piece about the Martini on the More Intelligent Life site from the publishers of The Economist makes me want to try again to stomach a good dry one. The barware used is certainly elegant. And I like pitted olives. Hell, I even drive to Virginia to buy Pimm's Cup. Oh, I forgot. That's not straight gin but it's well received at Wimbledon and throughout London.  And the world. Damn good after a good grass cuttin'.

Anyway, Cheers! It's the weekend.

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  1. I am not much of a Martini fan either...give me rum and tonmic...beer...Bourban shots...a Manhahttan or Old fashioned...G&T...but Martini...not so much.